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Washing Turbine

Washing Turbine

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The lightweight and mini-size washing machines are convenient and portable. It is an independent washing machine chassis that can be directly hung on the barrel wall and placed on the bottom of the barrel. 


  • USB powered: Doing this great job is done by getting power from USB. No AC power input is needed.
  • Ultrasonic technology: Not only does it spin, but it also produces ultrasonic waves that produce a large number of pressure explosive microscale bubbles that burst rapidly to generate shock waves that finally brush the dishes or stained clothes.
  • Lightweight & Portable: The mini ultrasonic turbine washing machine is small, lightweight, and easily portable that does not require fixation to its container. Instead, just submerge it in the intended water with the things to clean, and that's it!
  • Multi-purpose: This amazing device is not limited to washing a few clothes only. Instead, you can do dishes with it as well.


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