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High Flow Hand Siphon Pump

High Flow Hand Siphon Pump

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About this item

  • High Flow Hand Siphon Pump:With D18mm durable lengthen and thicken clear PVC pipe, oil, high temperature and corrosion resistant makes this pump transfer more quickly. Provide a 2m PVC pipe, cut into two or three sections according to your needs.

  • Absorb Many Liquids:Light and portable manual pump which are suitable for various vehicles and equipment without anti-theft nets. Perfect and safe transportation of fuel, petroleum, gasoline, diesel, water or non-corrosive liquids for ships, vehicles, lawn mowers, tractors, motorcycles, water beds, aquariums and other liquid siphons.

  • Easy to Use:Just need to squeeze the pump 2 ~ 3 times to extract liquid.The enlarged and non-slip rubber ball has stronger oil absorption capacity.The built-in check valve can effectively prevent the liquid from flowing back. The indicated arrow on the pump body is easy to identify the direction of the water flow.

  • Notes :1. The liquid you want to pump must be higher than the incoming bucket. 2. The connection end need not only be on the surface inside the liquid. 3. Not suitable for salt water or corrosive liquids. 4. Only for vehicles without gasoline protection grid.

  • Package Includes :A 2m PVC pipe; a liquid delivery pump with a check valve; 2 fixed clamps.

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