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Silicone Double Side Back Scrubber for Skin Deep Cleaning Massage

Silicone Double Side Back Scrubber for Skin Deep Cleaning Massage

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Offer Valid till 11th August 2023
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Easily Clean & Massage Your Back!

We all know that not being able to reach your back while taking a shower can be extremely frustrating... But did you know that back is actually a place where more bacteria and germs accumulate and cause cystic acne

That is why it is extremely important not to neglect back hygiene and wash it diligently just like any other body part.

Our Silicone Back Scrubber allows you to effortlessly remove dirt and dead skin cells from your back and gives you a silky, soft, and smooth back. All it takes is just 10-15 seconds of scrubbing at the end of each shower session!


        Here Is Why People Love It!

  • It Cleans pores, removes dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin.
  • Provides an extremely pleasant massage-like sensation.
  • Easily reaches all those hard-to-clean areas on your back.
  • Lightweight - it will not cause hand or wrist fatigue.
  • Made of ultra-soft, BPA-free silicone.

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