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Mini Mop

Mini Mop

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Compact and Practical Mini Mop: This small yet versatile mini mop is designed to effectively clean various surfaces, including walls, glass, countertops, ceilings, and car interiors.

Dual Wet and Dry Design: The mini mop features a circular push-and-pull design that allows for both wet and dry cleaning. It can fold up to 180 degrees for strong

compression, facilitating washing and dehydration in one motion. This design makes it suitable for different areas such as desktops, windows, floors, kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms.

Efficient Storage: With a perforated handle and wall-mountable option, the mini mop offers convenient storage that optimizes space and cost-effectively organizes bathroom walls.

Effective Cleaning: Despite its small size, the mini mop excels at removing dirt from surfaces like glass, kitchen countertops, and bathroom spaces.

It ensures a clean and polished appearance.

Sustainable Design: The eco-friendly sponge head can be replaced, enhancing the mop's longevity. It has excellent moisture absorption and dust adsorption capabilities.

In summary, this mini mop offers a compact, sustainable, and versatile cleaning solution for a range of surfaces and spaces.


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