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Magic Double Sided Transparent Tape

Magic Double Sided Transparent Tape

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Magic Double-sided transparent tape is the next-generation adhesive that delivers all the strength and function you could ever need while leaving all surfaces completely unharmed!

Magic Double-sided transparent tape is the ideal solution for:

  • Hanging pictures
  • Attaching utility hooks anywhere in the home or garage
  • Customizing the storage in your shower
  • Organizing the interior of your cabinets
  • Preventing rugs or furniture from slowly moving over time
  • Any application where an adhesive might be useful

Using Magic Double-sided transparent tape couldn’t be easier.

Cut it

Simply unroll Magic Double-sided transparent tape and use a pair of regular scissors to cut off the desired length.

Stick it

Magic Double-sided transparent tape can adhere to any surface, including wood, stone, tile, sheetrock, painted walls, glass, wallpaper, or vinyl!

 Use it

A 1-inch square Magic Double-sided transparent tape double-sided adhesive can hold up to 75 pounds, so you can use it to support anything from a photograph to heavy gardening tools.

Re-use it

Magic Double-sided transparent tape is far more than regular tape because you can easily remove it from any surface, wash it, and re-use it again somewhere else. There truly is nothing else like it!

It’s like it was never there

Perhaps Magic Double-sided transparent tape's greatest virtue is that it’s designed to leave no marks or residue. The tape can destroy a surface when you peel it up, and putties can leave behind greasy stains.


Because of the Magic Double-sided transparent tape reusable design, you’ll be keeping used up tape out of the landfill. One roll of Magic Double-sided transparent tape will last for years – what’s not to love?!

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 3W cm x 1-5L meters x 1mm thick (1 in. X 3-10L ft x 1/32 in.Thick)
  • Composition: Recyclable Gel
  • Recyclable: Yes
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 75 lbs. (Per a 2.5-cm/1-in. square)
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