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Hand Blender Mixer

Hand Blender Mixer

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Offer Valid till 11th August 2023
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Best for frothing or making sherbet, yogurt, lassi or cold coffee or protein shake at gym or cappuccino. It will beat your eggs faster and better than what you can with a spoon. Simple 1-hand operation with results in 20 to 30 seconds, It will froth your milk and coffee/cappuccino as if you are having it at a cafe!

  • Structure: stainless steel stirrer and plastic hand shake Best for Frothing or making sherbet, yogurt, lassi or cold coffee or Protein shake at GYM.

  • How To Enter Batteries: Slid the top by pressing silver button on Top side And Add Batteries. One battery should have + sign on top side and another one should have + sign on bottom side. Both entered batteries should on opposite position.

  • Easy To Clean: when you are done using, you can just need to rinse stem and whisking head in hot or soapy water and then place it to dry. No need to worry about it to be decayed as it is the quality stainless steel.

  • Frothing: Can be used for both cold and hot milk.

  • Unique: Beautifully Styled with an elegant design. Our coffee beater is a perfect fit into any modern kitchen.
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