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Electric clothes drying hanger

Electric clothes drying hanger

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If it has rained for several consecutive days, if you want to dry clothes quickly during the business trip, if clothes become damp and even slightly mouldy in the wardrobe, the portable clothes dryer will be good news for you. It is a wonderful combination of a hanger and an electric dryer.

Luckily, it is easy to operate. Firstly, clothes should be appropriately hung on the hanger. Secondly, you can choose hot wind or natural wind to dry the clothes.


Efficient to use:
The Electric Clothes Drying Rack puts the power of a conventional dryer in the palm of your hand. It is much more than a clothes hanger. The dual action HOT AND COLD technology is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to dry your delicate clothes. The rack quickly and safely dries your clothes right on the hanger

Not only can The Electric Clothes Drying Rack be used to dry clothes, but it can also be used to dry shoes by adding special parts. Simply insert your shoes onto the special attachment, connect it, and dry it! It is a shoe dryer, and it can also be used as a sock dryer.

Super load capacity:
The drying rack can dry not only one piece of clothing but also multiple pieces of cloth. The load-carrying capacity reaches 5kg, which is a good help for our daily life.

Two gear temperature:
Cold wind and hot wind are two gear temperature adjustments, automatically enter the hot air mode when the machine is turned on. The clothes are dried quickly with warm air at 50 ° -60 °. After 1 hour, the clothes will automatically switch to the cold air state (can also be manually switched to cold air at any time).

Perfect for travel:
The Electric Clothes Drying Rack is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for travelling! It is easily packed away in your suitcase. It's ultra-quiet and produces no lint. This travel clothes hanger and portable dryer also eliminate bad odours and wrinkles!


– Ceramic
The device uses the ceramic heating element, which can heat securely and prevent overheating.
– Heated wind and natural wind
The hot wind can be used to dry clothes that are shortly washed by the washing machine. The natural wind can be used to dry slightly damp clothes.

– Energy-saving
In comparison with drying cabinet and tumble dryer, this dyer will consume less electricity and the power of it is only 160W.
– Less noise
The device can operate quietly and the noise is less than 30dB.
– Portable and collapsible
The clothes dryer is easy to assemble and take apart, thus making it convenient to store and carry.

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